Alumni Updates

Week 2 Alumni Update – October 30, 2019

Annabel Graettinger – TI Class of 2015

Annabel (AB) joined Team Iowa in 8th grade after playing for one of the last Panther teams during middle school.  She finished her last four seasons of AAU playing for Team Iowa.  I caught up with AB and asked her about what she is up to now, what her plans are for the future, as well as what Team Iowa means to her.

What are you doing in your life now?

-I am currently a redshirt senior at Western Illinois University.

How have your first few seasons gone?

-Last season was the first year I could play at Western Illinois after transferring from South Dakota State University. We only had one senior so we were pretty young and experienced. We had an up and down year but improved a lot throughout the season.

What lessons from last year will you carry into this season?

-The biggest lesson that I learned from last year is to control the controllable. A lot of things happen in sports that are completely out of your control, and the only thing you can do is focus on the things you have power over. Another one of my mantras is “it’s just basketball”. Obviously I’m a competitor and basketball is a big part of my life but at the end of the day it is just a game. No matter what happens the sun will rise in the morning and my story goes on. This helps me to relax, be in the moment, and have fun doing what I’ve loved for so long.

How will current team do this season?

-I am really excited about this upcoming season. We were picked fifth in the Summit League which is middle of the pack but I think we could surprise some people. Since we only lost one senior from last year we have a much more experienced and deep team.

What will your role on team be this season?

-I think one thing that I hope to bring to my team this season is consistency. Being a redshirt senior, I’ve had lots of experience with multiple programs and have been around college basketball for a long time. I hope that I can be depended on to perform but more importantly to be the type of person and leader that people want to follow.

What are you studying/future plans after college?

-I am majoring in biology (medical sciences) with minors in chemistry and psychology. I am currently in the process of applying to optometry schools with the hopes of being an eye doctor.

What did Team Iowa mean in your life and how did it help you get you where you are today?

-Team Iowa played a huge role in my life and really shaped my basketball career. It gave me any opportunity that I could have wanted to be seen by quality schools. More importantly though, Team Iowa gave me experiences and friendships that will last a lifetime. I still keep in touch with some of my teammates, 6 years removed from playing with them, and some of my favorite memories are traveling and playing for Team Iowa.

AB was not only a great player in our program, but an even better human being.  She is a true role model for young players to look up to and Team Iowa wishes her the best of luck this season, as well as in her future as an eye doctor!


Week 1 Alumni Update – October 23, 2019

Hunter Strait – TI Class of 2018

Hunter Strait was with Team Iowa from the first year we introduced the youth program, and was one of the first players to graduate from Team Iowa playing his entire AAU career with TI.  I asked Hunter a few questions about where he currently is, what his plans are for the future, as well as what playing for Team Iowa meant for him.
Right now I am a sophomore at Truman State studying business administration. At this moment I am starting at the two guard for our team.
First season went pretty well. As a freshman, my role wasn’t huge it was to come in and be solid on offense and play good defense. I was the 6th man on the team so I got a lot of experience playing college basketball and what it takes to be successful.
The lessons that I learned from last year that I want to carry to this year is just how to be successful in the college game. Last year I got a taste of what college ball is about and got to see what works and what really doesn’t, the lesson that I want to carry is to do as many things that I saw worked, and to limit the things that didn’t.
I feel that our current team is very special. Our core guys have a lot of experience and have a good amount of talent and chemistry. We have some freshman coming in who are talented and once they get comfortable can be really good players.
Current role on the team is a scorer facilitator. This year is a little different in that I will be spending most of the time playing off the ball, with that I will need to hit shots and be aggressive attacking lanes to find open guys.
I am studying business administration.  I don’t really know what I want to do as a career yet but know that I’m interested in the business field.  I also hope to continue my playing career after college hoping to play overseas.
Team Iowa was very important to me. I played with Team Iowa since I was in 3rd grade.  Everything I know about basketball I learned from Team Iowa. Team Iowa is my mom’s baby, she’s grown it to be one of the greatest programs in the state, and that makes me feel very proud of my mom and what she’s been able to do.  Team Iowa gave me the opportunity to grow leadership qualities that I don’t think I could learn anywhere else, and gave me the opportunity to show my talents off to schools.
Hunter still plays a role with Team Iowa.   This past Summer he helped coach the 17u Boys and was often working Coach G’s camps.  Thank you Hunter Strait for wearing a Team Iowa uniform all those years, and everyone in the program wishes you the best of luck in your future!